Immediate Loading Implants – Straumann® Pro Arch

Immediate Loading Implants – Straumann® Pro Arch

Immediate loading Implants

The video shows the process for the 6 implants option. The 4 implant option is the same except for the number of implants used.   Using the Straumann® Pro Arch, state of the art dental cosmetic technology, we can replace an entire arch of teeth. This new technology has revolutionised the use of implants where a large number of teeth need to be replaced making it both time and cost-effective as it can be done on a single day!

Who are Immediate Loading implants for?

immediate loading implants who are they for

This treatment is versatile and helps people in various circumstances such as:

  1. If you have dentures
  2. If you have 6 or more missing teeth in an arch (top or bottom row of teeth)
  3. If you have a collapsed bite
  4. If you have periodontal disease or terminal gum disease
  5. If a lot of your teeth are damaged (cracked/worn) or generally want to improve the appearance or the use of a full set of teeth

How does it compare with other treatment options?

immediate loading implants

Assuming you fit into one of the categories above, there are quite a few benefits.

  • It saves time as the treatment can be done in one day
  • It’s cost-effective – especially as we have a time-limited deal that makes it even more affordable!
  • It’s easier than using implants and replacing one tooth at a time
  • They’re just like real teeth so they’re a much better alternative to dentures. They look, feel and are cleaned just like a regular set of teeth
  • Did we mention we have an unmissable deal for this at the moment?

Option 1

4 implants – £11,995

Option 2

6 implants – £13,995

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