Dental hygienists are oral care professionals who help in preventing and treating various oral diseases. They perform different courses of dental treatments, as suggested by the dentists who have examined the condition of the patient.

Dental hygienists are an important members of the dental care team at our North Square Dental Practice. Their hard-work removes a great burden from the dentist and frees him from performingadvanced procedures. Therefore, hygienists perform many preventive dental procedures in an office such as fluoride application and teeth cleaning.

Job responsibilities of dental hygienists:

  • Perform both intra and extra oral care assessment.
  • Recognise and monitor the disease.
  • Record indices.
  • Perform scaling and polishing.
  • Check periodontal disease with current indices.
  • Provide advice on dental hygiene and monitor plaque scores.
  • Develop a suitable home care plan for patients to maintain a good oral health.
  • Provide a prophylaxis that includes polishing and finishing restorations.
  • Perform non-surgical periodontal therapy such as sub andsupragingival scaling.
  • Apply materials to the teeth such as fissure sealants and fluoride.
  • Give preventative advice on nutritional guidance and smoking cessation.
  • Take dental radiographs.
  • Provide dental health education to individuals and in groups.
  • Replace crowns dislodged during the treatment with temporary cement.
  • Take impressions of your teeth.

Are you looking for great tips on improved oral health?
Our hygienist can help with preventative dental care and clean teeth!